CBD Crystals – What are CBD Crystals? How much should I use? How do I use them?

What are CBD Crystals?

CBD Crystals are the purest and cleanest form of CBD extraction from the Cannabis plant. CBD crystals reach a purity level of> 99% and contain only a small trace of all other cannabinoids. This product can reach its purity thanks to the different extraction methods, being the most used process known as CO2 extraction.

In the CO2 extraction process, all components of the Cannabis plant are filtered, resulting a form of powdery crystals, similar to sugar grains with a diamond shape.

Most commercially available products are created using CBD crystals.

Therefore, CBD crystals allow for numerous methods of use and various possibilities for consuming CBD.


How to dose CBD Crystals?

CBD Crystals are non-toxic, so if you use a higher amount will not be harmful. However, by using more, you may experience more relaxation than you were planning, and may be an unnecessary waste of crystals/money. So, as with all products on the market, to find your ideal dose, you should always start with a smaller amount until you reach the point you want.

Although dosing depends on many factors, such as weight, metabolism, among others, we recommend that you start with 5-25mg per day. The recommended starting dose is 10mg of crystals, divided into 2 dosages throughout the day, 5mg in each.

You can always dose by eye the daily amount you want; however, we recommend that you have a precise scale to achieve the desired concentration.

The next step after the first dose is to pay attention to your body and the signs it indicates. The effects can be immediate, or it may take up to 3 hours to show up, depending on the method of consumption.

If you don’t experience the desired effects with the dosage you used, we suggest increasing the dosage by 2-3 mg to reach the desired point. When you reach this point, keep this dosage daily for a week and you should always pay attention during this time to all signs that your body gives you. This will let you know how much your body needs, and with that knowledge you can raise or lower the concentration of CBD crystals, depending on your taste.


Methods of Ingesting CBD Crystals

There are numerous ways to consume CBD crystals, which make them the most versatile method of consuming CBD.

The most common methods are:

1. Dissolve CBD Crystals Under Tongue (Sublingually)

One of the easiest ways to ingest CBD crystals is to dissolve them under your tongue. Just put them in your mouth and wait between 60-90 seconds. This way, CBD crystals go directly into our bloodstream, making the effects almost immediate.

2. Infuse CBD Crystals in Edibles

Like Cannabis, we can infuse CBD crystals in coconut oil or butter. Crystals can be infused into any natural fat. Just melt some butter or coconut oil to around 60-70 degrees Celsius and add your CBD crystals. Stir for 5 minutes until the crystals dissolve and it is ready to use. You can make cookies or cakes, for example.

Note - Like all edibles, this method may take 1-2 hours for the CBD crystals to achieve the desired effect.


3. Combine CBD Crystals with Cooking Oil

To create your own CBD Oil, simply heat any oil in a water bath and mix the crystals. This process only takes 10 minutes. It is recommended to use hemp oil, olive oil or coconut oil for best results.

Dosage Example: 1000mg of CBD Crystals in 10ml of oil results in a concentration of 10% CBD. This is one of the most economical methods of using CBD crystals.


4. Mix CBD Crystals with e-liquids

CBD Crystals can be mixed with e-liquids. Just add the desired amount to the e-liquid and mix well. Depending on the e-liquid, there may be some difficulty to dissolve the crystals. The ratio works the same as oil. Mixing 1000mg of CBD Crystals in 10ml of e-liquid results in an e-liquid containing 10% CBD, or 1000mg CBD. 

5. Add CBD Crystals to a Smoking Product

The CBD crystals can also be mixed in a rolling cigarette, a joint and you just need to smoke them.

This is one of the most commonly used methods of consumption of CBD crystals.


6. Dabbing

This technique consists of melting the CBD crystals and inhaling the resulting vapor. The disadvantage of this method is the need to have some accessories (if you have never used this method). With the necessary accessories, simply place the crystals in the dab rig, heat for 30-60 seconds until it’s red because of the heat and inhale. The effects are almost immediate.

This is the most popular form of CBD crystal consumption.


7. Vaping

Consumption of CBD Crystals through Vaping is a method of consumption that is very similar to dabbing. In this case, dabbing accessories are no longer needed, you just need to use a vaporizer (A quality one for the best results). To use CBD crystals for vaping, the CBD crystals must be placed in the vaporizer, heated and vaporized. It's very simple! But beware, herbal vaporizers do not work with CBD crystals, you need a specific vaporizer for using CBD Crystals.

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